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Fabric-Wrapped Panels

Acoustical wall panels. Clean flat appearance. Over 50 colors to choose from! Mineral fiber core allows for excellent absorption.

  • FabTEC Acoustic Panel

    FabTEC is a breakthrough combination of FireFlex Acoustic Foam with a High Performance Non-Woven Fabric. When brought together a lightweight yet very durable acoustical panel is the result. A variety of brilliant colors are available from stock. Class 1 Acoustic Foam and Non-Woven Fabric combine to make an impressive sound control panel. The fabric on these ...

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  • Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric

    Silent Source is the leading supplier of Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric. In situations where acoustic performance is critical, a fabric’s job is not to absorb sound itself, but to allow sound-absorbing products behind the fabric to do their best work. Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric will never reflect sound before it can travel to ...

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  • London Studio Kits

    by Primacoustic
    London Studio Kits have been developed for typical rooms with dimensions that are common in both residential and commercial construction. They are made up of Primacoustic Broadway acoustic panels. These easy-to-use kits contain everything you need to address room problems such as primary reflections, flutter echo, standing waves and excessive bass. Room designs follow ...

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  • SilentCore Acoustic Wall Panels

    SilentCore Acoustic Wall Panels are designed to be our most cost effective sound control solution. These are the most commonly used panels for sound absorption and can be used in many different situations.

    SilentCore Acoustic Wall Panels are designed to be our most cost effective sound control solution. These are ...

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  • SilentSpace Acoustic Panel

    SilentSpace Acoustic Panel is a free-standing flexible wall system which offers superior sound control and visual effect. Setup is quick and simple, providing a no-tools approach to designing and re-arranging a dynamic area.
    SilentSpace Acoustic Panel can be stored flat against a wall providing a crash cushion for a gymnasium setup, and it doubles as ...

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