Acoustical wall panels. Clean flat appearance. Over 50 colors to choose from! Mineral fiber core allows for excellent absorption.

  • product: SilentCore Acoustic Wall Panels

    SilentCore: Your Most Cost-Effective Way to Silence Sound. SilentCore Acoustic Wall Panels are a top choice for sound absorption applications. Made from dimensionally stable fiberglass and featuring resin-hardened edges, these panels offer excellent noise control at a competitive price. They are available in various thicknesses and can be customized in size and shape for your specific project requirements. Select a custom fabric for your acoustic wall panels. Durable Core for Long-lasting Performance: […]

  • product: FabTEC Acoustic Panel

    FabTEC Acoustic Panels FabTEC panels are a unique combination of two high-performance materials: FireFlex Acoustic Foam: This Class 1 flame-resistant foam is made from a special open-cell melamine. Its unique cellular structure, with interconnected air pockets, makes it lightweight and highly effective at absorbing sound. FireFlex is ideal for high-temperature environments (up to 482°F) and areas requiring Class 1 fire ratings, such as buildings with large gatherings or high-tech equipment. High-Performance Non-Woven Fabric: This […]

  • product: SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panel

    SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panels: Enhance Your Space with Superior Sound Control and Flexibility Create dynamic and functional spaces with SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panels! These freestanding, flexible wall systems offer exceptional sound absorption and a visually appealing design. Key benefits: Superior Sound Control: Effectively reduces noise and echoes, creating a quieter and more focused environment. Easy Setup and Repositioning: No tools required! Simply unfold the panels to create room dividers or store them […]