Acoustical wall fabrics available by the bolt or linear yard. High-performance woven polyester. Ribbed textures. Many colors. The perfect combination of beauty and acoustics for your interior designs.

  • product: Duvaltex | Formerly Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric

    Silent Source: Your Source for High-Performance Duvaltex Acoustic Fabrics Formerly known as Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric, Duvaltex offers a revolutionary solution for superior sound control in critical listening environments. At Silent Source, we’re proud to be a leading supplier of these innovative fabrics. The Secret to Peak Acoustic Performance Unlike traditional fabrics that can reflect sound waves, Duvaltex boasts a unique, acoustically transparent construction. This allows sound to pass through unimpeded, […]

  • product: Silence FR Acoustic Fabric

    The Sound of Style: Silence FR Acoustic Fabric Silence FR Acoustic Fabric isn’t your average wallcovering. It’s a symphony of style and function, designed to create a visually stunning and acoustically balanced space. Unparalleled Noise Reduction This unique fabric absorbs sound beautifully, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, conference rooms, and open floor plans. Experience the difference a quieter environment can make in improving focus, communication, and overall well-being. Aesthetically Pleasing Silence […]