Control sound energy to increase clarity and improve ambience. Diffusors available in either solid hardwood or rigid plastic.

  • product: The QuadraPyramid

    The QuadraPyramid presents a low profile with four pyramids creating sixteen angles of reflection on the surface of a single 2’ X 2’ panel. The unit is designed for wall or ceiling grid. The QuadraPyramid diffuser generates a uniform polar response over a broad frequency range. There is very little sound absorption when used as a ceiling mounted device in a standard grid. (NRC=0.10) When wall mounted in a specific manner, it […]

  • product: The Art Diffusor

    Discover the increased clarity and improved ambiance that is possible. The fog of unwanted reflection is cleared away. That’s the Art Diffusor at work. Now, open your eyes and enjoy the pleasing three dimensional mosaic art of the diffusor. The Art Diffusor provides your eyes and ears with thoroughly satisfying results. Each Art Diffusor provides two-dimensional diffusion in a small foot-print, taking up very little space. The squares are arranged like tiles, […]