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  • product: Suspend–a–Ceiling

    Suspend-a-Ceiling: Easy Installation and Fire Safety What is Suspend-a-Ceiling? Suspend-a-Ceiling is a lightweight suspended ceiling system made from translucent or opaque plastic panels. These panels are ideal for: Hiding ductwork, sprinkler pipes, and light fixtures Creating a decorative finish in your space Fire Safety and Performance Suspend-a-Ceiling is designed with fire safety in mind: All panels are low combustibility. The heat-sensitive design allows panels to melt and fall away quickly, minimizing interference […]

  • product: StratoTile

    Primacoustic StratoTile T-Bar Acoustic Panels The Primacoustic StratoTile is a great looking high-performance ceiling tile made from high-density glass wool for added absorption in the critical voice range. This helps improve intelligibility by attenuating flutter echo and reducing first order reflections. It features ¾” thick (20mm) high-density 6lb per cubic foot glass wool constriction for maximum sound absorption and encapsulated in fine micromesh with sealed edges to retain the minute glass fibers. […]

  • product: Primacoustic ThunderTile

    Primacoustic ThunderTile T-Bar Acoustic Panels The Primacoustic ThunderTile is a unique acoustic T-bar ceiling tile that combines the remarkable absorption characteristics of high density glass wool with the sound-blocking attributes of gypsum board. Once installed, ThunderTiles provide effective control of the reverberant field while eliminating bothersome primary reflections that make communication difficult. The Primacoustic ThunderTile™ design begins with a pure white finish on top of an acoustically transparent micromesh tissue that fully […]

  • product: Wood Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

    Classic Vintage Perforated Wood Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Bring Back the Charm: Classic Perforated Wood Fiber Ceiling Tiles Now Available! These timeless perforated wood fiber ceiling tiles offer a touch of vintage character while meeting the most stringent government standards for acoustics and fire safety. Key Benefits: Reduced Noise Levels: The perforated design absorbs sound, creating a quieter and more pleasant environment. This is ideal for areas with machinery, recording studios, or […]

  • product: HushFoam Acoustic Ceilings

    HushFoam acoustic ceilings raises the ordinary ceiling to new levels of visual excitement with our great looking and performing ceiling tiles. By combining the benefits of Advanced Acoustic Technology and our manufacturing expertise we can now offer excitement for your ceiling. Function, esthetics, light weight, availability and ease of installation are just some of the reasons architects and designers now look to HushFoam for their ceiling requirements. HushFoam Acoustic Ceilings Installation Tiles […]

  • product: Sound Seal Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

    Sound Seal Acoustic Ceiling Tiles offer the perfect blend of acoustics and style. Choose from standard sizes or customize your tiles to       create a unique look for your space, all while ensuring excellent sound absorption. C-100 & C-100B Sound Seal Ceiling Tiles Sound Seal offers two ceiling tile options to meet your soundproofing and budget requirements: C-100 and C-100B. C-100 Ceiling Tile: Economical choice with a white pebblegrain vinyl facing […]

  • product: Safeline Acoustic Panels

    SAFELINE Acoustic panels are Class 1 fire rated, fiber-free Acoustic Panels measuring 24″x24″ or 24″x48″; available in 1-1/2″, 2″ or 3″ thicknesses. Attractive flat panels with beveled edges. Colors: Available in natural white and gray, and all Standard and Premium HPC Colors. SAFELINE Acoustic Panels Specifications