High-density vinyl barriers to stop sound transmission through walls and ceilings. Floormat composite with durable wear resistant surface.

  • product: Whispermat

    Whispermat: Effective and Affordable Sound Control Whispermat is a unique noise control solution designed by acoustic engineers to deliver exceptional performance at an economical cost. How it Works: Whispermat uses a multi-layer, adhesive-free construction to achieve superior sound absorption and dampening: Dense Barrier Septrum: This layer acts as a physical barrier, effectively blocking airborne sound transmission. Hushcloth® Acoustic Foam: This layer absorbs sound waves, preventing them from bouncing back into the room. When combined […]

  • product: VIB-X Pads

    Silence the Noise with VIB-X Pads VIB-X Pads are your one-stop solution for eliminating unwanted noise and vibration. These innovative elastomer sheets, featuring a unique cross-ribbed design, effectively isolate: Vibration: Stops equipment vibrations from shaking your entire structure. Shock: Absorbs impact noise from machinery and tools. Noise: Reduces structure-borne noise traveling through walls, floors, and ceilings. How VIB-X Pads Work The secret lies in the pad’s construction. The cross-ribbed pattern acts like […]

  • product: Sound Barriers Mass Loaded Vinyl

    Reduce Noise Transmission with Sound Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl is a high-density vinyl sheet available in 1 lb and 2 lb per square foot options. It effectively blocks and dampens sound transmission through walls, ceilings, and floors. Here’s how it works: New Construction: During construction, apply Sound Barrier directly to wall, ceiling, or floor framing before adding drywall, paneling, or flooring. Use roofing nails or fastener/washers for […]