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High-density vinyl barriers to stop sound transmission through walls and ceilings. Floormat composite with durable wear resistant surface.

  • Sound Barriers Mass Loaded Vinyl

    Sound Barriers Mass Loaded Vinyl is a high-density 1 lb. and 2 lb. per square foot vinyl sheet material used to block and reduce sound transmissions through walls, ceilings, and floors.
    Typical applications use Sound Barrier applied to the wall, ceiling, or floor framing of a newly constructed room before the finished wall, ceiling, or ...

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  • VIB-X Pads

    VIB-X Pads are an elastomer sheet with a distinctive cross-ribbed pattern. When used as an equipment mount, the pad effectively isolates vibration, shock and reduced structure borne acoustic noise. The cross-ribbed construction acts as an efficient energy absorber, enabling large horizontal forces to be generated without slippage or walking occuring. By effectively isolating vibration, VIB-X ...

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  • Whispermat

    Whispermat is specifically designed to absorb, attenuate, and dampen noise. Whispermat barrier composites combine dense, limp flexible, non-lead loaded barriers with Hushcloth© acoustical foams forming a total acoustical system. Unlike many other sound control materials available, these multilayer composites are manufactured without costly adhesives, thus eliminating the potential for adhesive failure. Designed by acoustical engineers, Whispermat ...

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