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Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Baffles effectively reduce noise and eliminate echoes common in areas such as large rooms, gymnasiums, and manufacturing areas. Acoustic Baffles are designed to hang from ceilings.

  • HushFoam Acoustic Baffles

    HushFoam Acoustic Baffles are ideal for areas where reverberation from hard surfaces is an issue, such as gyms, manufacturing areas, auditoriums, and swimming pools. Each Anechoic Wedge Design hanging baffle consists of two back-to-back 24″ x 48″ Anechoic Wedge sheets. Baffles are 3″ thick, and are shipped assembled and ready to hang.
    FireFlex HushFoam Acoustic ...

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  • Pillobaffle Acoustic Absorbers

    Pillobaffle Acoustic Absorbers are an inexpensive, general purpose treatment for noise reduction and reverberation control. Pillobaffle Acoustic Absorbers are the ideal tool for controlling excessive sound decay and noise reduction problems. Pillobaffle Acoustic Absorbers provide broad bandwidth absorption as documented in both laboratory and field measurements. Pillobaffle Acoustic Absorbers are designed for ease of installation ...

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  • SoundQuilt Acoustic Baffles

    SoundQuilt Acoustic Baffles are quilted fiberglass absorbers that are fire safe, high performance acoustical fiberglass blankets that are used to reduce reverberant (reflected) airborne noise energy in many diverse industrial and architectural applications as well as on original equipment.
    SoundQuilt Acoustic Baffles are available as overhead sound absorption baffles, wall panels, in roll form with ...

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