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Acoustic Foams

All shapes and sizes of acoustical foam! Colors! Superior absorption. The best value in acoustic performance and price. Class 1 fire rated foams.

  • Cutting Wedge Acoustic Foam

    Cutting Wedge Classic
    Three goals were established for the Cutting Wedge Acoustic Foam: performance, appearance, and fire rating. The pattern was carefully designed to maximize the acoustical properties of a superior grade Ester foam material. The pattern is cut by a computer controlled dustless saw to maintain perfect tolerance.
    The finished products has been ...

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  • Hushfoam Acoustic Foam

    Hushfoam Acoustic Foam Polyurethane Anechoic
    Choose Hushfoam Acoustic Foam Polyurethane Anechoic Wedge Design Panels, Pyramids and Wedges as Your “Easy to Install” Noise Solution. Hushfoam’s Polyurethane Acoustic Foam Panels are used to absorb noise in nearly every setting, from compressor rooms and recording studios, to computer rooms, punch presses, churches and gymnasiums. Panels install ...

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  • Safeline Acoustic Panels

    SAFELINE Acoustic panels are Class 1 fire rated, fiber-free Acoustic Panels measuring 24″x24″ or 24″x48″; available in 1-1/2″, 2″ or 3″ thicknesses.
    Attractive flat panels with beveled edges.
    Colors: Available in natural white and gray, and all Standard and Premium HPC Colors.
    SAFELINE Acoustic Panels Specifications

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  • WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam

    WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam solves your noise reduction needs and fits in with any decor.
    WhisperWedge products are urethane foams: Specifications
    WhisperWedge-1 products are Class-1 melamine foam: Specifications

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