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StackIt Gobo

Nine CP30 Gobos Stacked

Nine CP30 Gobos Stacked

The innovative StackIt Gobo system improves on the traditional gobo by providing the only acoustical control system that incorporates a flexible, fully modular system to provide the best acoustical control in studio recording and sound separation applications. The StackIt Gobo is the perfect solution for both large and small studio situations, because Gobos can change as often as your studio needs do.

StackIt Gobo are available in 3 styles:

StackIt absorption gobo (FP15 or FP30)
Multiple layers of insulation provide the most control at high and mid-range frequencies.

StackIt Plexiglas gobo (PP15 or PP30)
Double layer of quarter-inch clear Plexiglas provides visual capability while providing excellent sound separation.

StackIt combination gobo (CP15 or CP30)
Natural maple on one side provides low frequency absorption and high and mid-range frequency deflection. Insulation on the other side, provides a higher degree of absorption.

Stackit Gobos Colors

Available Colors

Gobo Diagram


Dimension Model # A B C weight
FP15 46″ 15″ 8″ 19lbs.
FP30 46″ 30″ 8″ 26lbs.
PP15 46″ 15″ 8″ 22lbs.
PP30 46″ 30″ 8″ 37lbs.
CP15 46″ 15″ 8″ 20lbs.
CP30 46″ 30″ 8″ 27lbs.
StackIt Gobo System
Model # Price
FP15 contact us for best price
FP30 contact us for best price
PP15 contact us for best price
PP30 contact us for best price
CP15 contact us for best price
CP30 contact us for best price
Clips contact us for best price
Also available in custom heights.
All StackIt Gobos come with two clips.
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