product: ATS Acoustics Studio Stacker

ATS Acoustics Studio Stacker

Take Control of Your Sound with the All-in-One Studio Stacker

The Studio Stacker™ by ATS Acoustics is the ultimate portable solution for superior sound control in your recording studio or live performance space. This innovative panel functions as both a portable gobo panel and a highly effective bass trap, giving you the power to:

Eliminate unwanted sound: Absorb stray sound and excessive bass waves, minimizing distortion and ensuring a clear, crisp recording or performance.

Reduce sound bleed: Control sound spillage between instruments, creating a more focused and isolated recording environment.

Unleash your creativity: The Studio Stacker’s portability allows you to take it anywhere – perfect for gigs, rehearsals, or home studio use.
Match your style: Choose from natural, unfinished high-quality plywood or a sleek black painted finish. The unfinished version allows for further customization with your preferred paint, stain, or varnish.

More than just portable:

Built to Last: The Studio Stacker is crafted with high-quality materials, including a Roxul AFB and Rockboard 60 core for exceptional sound absorption, and furniture-grade multi-ply white birch construction for lasting durability.
Easy to Maintain: Removable front and back panels allow for convenient customization, while rubber feet protect your floors and ensure stability.

The Studio Stacker™ is:

Portable: Easily transport it to any location (weighs only 40 lbs).
Versatile: Use it as a gobo panel, a bass trap, or both!
Customizable: Choose your finish and personalize it further (unfinished version).
Affordable: An investment in superior sound control without breaking the bank.

Transform your sound with the Studio Stacker™. Order yours today!

Absorption Coefficients (with original fabric)


1/3 Octave Band Center Frequencies, Hz
50 63 80 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
0.60 1.11 3.83 2.54 1.88 1.74 1.51 1.37 1.18
Data from independent testing of this item by RAL, a leading acoustical laboratory.