product: SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panel

SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panel


SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panels: Enhance Your Space with Superior Sound Control and Flexibility

Create dynamic and functional spaces with SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panels! These freestanding, flexible wall systems offer exceptional sound absorption and a visually appealing design.

Key benefits:

  • Superior Sound Control: Effectively reduces noise and echoes, creating a quieter and more focused environment.
  • Easy Setup and Repositioning: No tools required! Simply unfold the panels to create room dividers or store them flat against a wall.

    Support feet increase panel stability.

  • Double Duty Functionality: SilentSpace Panels function as both sound absorbers and attractive wall enhancements.
  • Mobile and Versatile: Easily roll up and transport the panels for use in different locations.
  • Ideal for Various Applications: Perfect for offices, classrooms, event spaces, home theaters, and more.

SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panels also address common acoustic concerns:

  • Sound Absorption Across Frequencies: Panels target disruptive mid-range frequencies (1,000 to 4,000 Hz) that hinder focus and conversation.
  • Blocking Sound Transmission: Panels help prevent sound from traveling between divided areas.
  • Background Masking Effect: Low-frequency absorption (16 to 500 Hz) creates a calming effect by masking unwanted background noise.

    SilentSpace Panel Magnet System Connect multiple panels together.


Additional Features:

  • SilentSpace Panel Magnet System: Connect multiple panels securely for larger space division.
  • Support Feet: Increase panel stability for added peace of mind.

SilentSpace Free Standing Acoustic Panels go beyond traditional acoustic solutions, offering a unique combination of performance, flexibility, and aesthetics.

Create a more controlled and inspiring environment – choose SilentSpace Acoustic Panels today!




Material The panel cores are made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) Foam core. LDPE is a durable, lightweight, flexible, solid extruded plank. Offers excellent strength, resistance to creep under load, vibration and shock   absorbency and water resistance.
Panel Height 78″
Panel Length Available in length of 8′.
Panel Width 6.25″
Panel Thickness 2.25″
Panel Weight 57lbs (8′ length)
Flammability Specifications • ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test (Class A)
• Flame Spread 15
• Smoke Density 30
(Caution: polyethylene foam is combustible and should not be exposed to flame or other ignition sources).
Noise Reduction Independently tested by Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory for noise reduction. Rated at .80 (Noise Reduction Coefficient).
Fabric Colors silent-panel-colors

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