Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric

Silent Source is the leading supplier of Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric. In situations where acoustic performance is critical, a fabric’s job is not to absorb sound itself, but to allow sound-absorbing products behind the fabric to do their best work. Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric will never reflect sound before it can travel to the absorbing product.

Guilford of Maine Color Charts

Fabrics that don’t get in the way.

Guilford-Maine-Acoustic-FabricsWhen the acoustic performance of a space really matters, you don’t want to hobble sound-absorbing panels, walls and ceilings by choosing the wrong finishes. That would be an expensive mistake. Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric 30-plus patterns have been tested by an independent acoustical lab using the newest fabric testing methods. Going with Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric proven performance takes the guesswork out of choosing appropriate fabrics for your project.

Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric Test Method

An independent acoustics labs tests all Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabrics using Impedance Tube Testing as described in ISO 10534-2. In a small chamber fitted with a speaker and a microphone, fabrics are placed over a standardized anechoic (sound-absorbing) termination point. This test provides an accurate measure of a fabric’s sound reflection and provides a sensitive performance standard for comparing fabric to fabric among manufacturers who use this test. Because Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabrics are tested using a standard anechoic end-point, rather than a specific manufacturer’s sound-absorbing product, the test allows fabrics to be tested on their own merit, and gives designers and acousticians more meaningful data for making decisions.

The Results

The test results illustrate the success of Guilford of Maine Acoustic Fabric (Auster pattern) over other common material choices used in acoustic settings — 100% polyethylene fabric and latex-backed fabric.