ClearSonic Panels (CSP)

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) provide acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio. This helps reduce drum bleed into vocal or instrument mics and lowers stage volume so that everyone can hear themselves better.

ClearSonic Panels are made of 1/4″ thick acrylic and available in various sizes and configurations. Standard panel heights are 2′, 3′, 4′, and 5.5′ tall. 12″ and 18″ extenders are also available if additional height is needed. ClearSonic Panels come pre-assembled, and are available in configurations between 2 and 7 panels. All ClearSonic Panel systems feature full-length hinge, cable cut-outs, and a design that allows systems to fold “accordion style” for portability and ease of setup.

Clear panels are much more effective when used in conjunction with SORBER baffles to reduce reflected sound. Part numbers are easy to decipher; the ‘A’ stands for acrylic, and the first number is the height. The number after the dash tells how many panels are in the system. For example, the A5-6 is 5.5ft tall, 6 section CSP.

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) A2-4A2 ClearSonic Panels

Each A2 panel is 1’W x 2’H. The most common arrangement of A2 panels is the A2-4, which consists of four sections. Designed for guitar speaker cabinets, the A2-4 allows a player to drive the amp and speaker to the level needed to reach the overdrive “sweet spot”, without projecting all of the volume forward. Used with an S4-2, this system helps reduce stage volume and clean up stage sound without sacrificing your desired guitar tone.

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) A18A18 ClearSonic Panels

A18 panels are 18″W x 2’H. They are similar to A2 panels, but slightly wider, allowing for more coverage. The A18-4 is pictured to the left, and consists of 4 panels. Different sized configurations are possible, For example, if you wanted 3 sections of A18 panels, the part number would be A18-3. Up to seven sections can be connected continuously.

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) A3A3 ClearSonic Panels

A3 panels are 2’W x 3’H. Shown here is an A3-3, 3-section shield. The A3 panels are commonly used on speaker cabinets. Everything from a small combo amp to a Marshall half-stack will fit in an A3 enclosure. Click on the picture to see more examples of how the A3 can be used. Up to seven sections of A3 panels can be connected together.

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) A45A4 ClearSonic Panels

Each A4 panel is 2’W x 4’H. The CSP pictured here is an A4-5, 5-section shield. 4′ panels are useful for reducing stage volume when cymbals are not a concern, as the A4 panels don’t usually cover them. A4 panels are easy to move because of their height and can also be used around percussion, horns, strings, etc.

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) A57A5 ClearSonic Panels

A5 panels are 2’W x 5.5’H each. A5 panels are the most common panels system used to isolate drums. Their height allows them to cover cymbals, and reduce more sound than the A4 panels. Shown here is an A5-7, 7-section system. The A5-5 is the most common set-up for a standard 5-piece drum kit, and usually goes half way around. Larger kits may require the use of an A5-6 or A5-7. The A5 panels are also used extensively in our IsoPacs.


LITE2466-5 is a pre-assembled, 3/16″ thick, 5-panel drum shield. Unlike our standard ClearSonic panels, these panels are unfinished: “as-cut and square”. Our standard A5-5 (while more expensive) is the better overall value, but this is a good lower cost alternative… and is backed by our ClearSonic reputation and warranty.

CPS Height ExtenderAX Height Extenders

AX Height Extenders add 12″ or 18″ of height to standard ClearSonic acrylic shields. Height extenders can be added to both A4 and A5 panel systems. The AX12’s and AX18’s come complete with “H” channel and hinge so they can easily attach to the top of existing ClearSonic Panel sections. Complete systems will still fold “accordion style” even with the additional height extenders. Scratch resistant AR extenders are also available.

ax2 Height ExtenderAX2 Height Extenders

AX2 is a 2″H x 2’W acrylic height extender that is useful if a lid system is to be used on top of an A5 and S5-2 IsoPac without the AX12 or AX18 height extenders. Because the A5 is 65.5-inches high and the S5-2 is 67-inches high, the AX2 is used to increase the height of the A5 panels to 67.5-inches. This increases the height of the clear panels enough that the lid panels resting on the A5 will clear the S5-2 baffles. That way, any of the S5-2 baffles can be used as a door without interference from the lid baffles.