FABRITEC Acoustic Wall Panels

fabritec3FABRITEC Acoustic Wall Panels easily add texture, color and acoustical balance to any room. Choose from a variety of fabrics, colors and textures, including Guilford FR701 and microperforated vinyl in white. All FABRITEC Acoustic Wall Panels are made-to-order with either square or beveled edges.

Whether you choose a fabric that makes a statement or one that simply blends into its environment, FABRITEC Acoustic Wall Panels will deliver the style and performance you’re looking for.

fabritecUnlike other wall panels on the market, FABRITEC Acoustic Wall Panels are extremely lightweight and do not require mechanical fasteners — simplifying specification and installation. Weight is minimized due to the willtec™ foam core, which also gives the panels their outstanding acoustical performance. FABRITEC also has a high impact, tackable exterior since it is backed/faced with a 1/16″ fiberglass substrate.

FABRITEC Acoustic Wall Panels Installation

For adhesive and installation instructions, please see SONEX AcouSTIC™ Foam Adhesive.

Physical Data (With Guilford FR701 Fabric)
Tensile Strength 8 PSI {ASTM D3574-77)
Density 0.7 Ibs./cubic foot
Elongation 8% (ASTM D3574-77)
Heat Conductivity K factor = 0.24 at 50° F
Temperature Stability 0 to 302° F
Fire Resistance Class 1 (ASTM E84)

Acoustical Test Information
Test ASTM C423-99a, Mounting Type D, Guilford FR701 Fabric*
Frequency(Hz) 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K NRC
Absorption Coefficient 0.18 0.68 0.95 0.92 0.78 0.67 0.85