The First In A Series Of Affordable Project Studio Packages

Since it’s introduction in 1984, the number theoretic QRD® 734 Diffusor has proven to be a versatile general purpose diffusor. It’s uniform scattering, wide bandwidth, and broad selection of finishes make it a logical choice for almost any speech, critical listening, or performance facility. The Formedfussor brings this proven technology to a wider audience because of its low price, ease of installation, Class A fire rating, light weight, impact resistance, and color and texture options.

Furniture grade QRD® diffusors may be too heavy for some ceiling applications or too expensive for large scale coverage. There is a need for a lightweight, Class A, cost effective, plastic QRD®.

To address this problem, RPG® developed a lightweight, thermoformed panel made of Class A Kydex®. The diffusor has graceful curved inner and outer radii for an attractive appearance. Kydex® is stiff and impact resistant allowing the Formedfussor to be used in almost any wall or ceiling application.

The Formedfussor is designed to offer wide angle, broad bandwidth sound diffusion as well as useful low frequency absorption. These features control excessive boominess and balance the room’s reverberation response. The Formedfussor™ can be used to offset the usually predominate high frequency absorption of people, drapery, rugs, and porous materials.

The Formedfussor is based on the QRD® reflection phase grating introduced by RPG® in 1983. It offers broad bandwidth wide angle diffusion. The graph illustrates the average diffusion coefficient (1 is ideal) for all angles of incidence. Compared to a flat reflecting panel, the QRD® maintains uniform diffusivity as a function of frequency above the diffraction limit.

FormedFussor Installation

The Formedfussor™ can be wall mounted or suspended in a T-bar grid. Panels can be aligned to form a 1D diffusor array or staggered 90° for a 2D diffusor array.