product: Suspend–a–Ceiling



Suspend-a-Ceiling: Easy Installation and Fire Safety

What is Suspend-a-Ceiling?

Suspend-a-Ceiling is a lightweight suspended ceiling system made from translucent or opaque plastic panels. These panels are ideal for:

  • Hiding ductwork, sprinkler pipes, and light fixtures
  • Creating a decorative finish in your space

Fire Safety and Performance

Suspend-a-Ceiling is designed with fire safety in mind:

  • All panels are low combustibility.
  • The heat-sensitive design allows panels to melt and fall away quickly, minimizing interference with sprinkler systems.
  • Only use approved clips to secure panels – never restraining clips.
  • Painting or coating panels is generally not recommended as it can hinder the panels’ ability to drop away in a fire. However, factory-applied coatings may be acceptable.

Panel Specifications

  • Standard density: 1.0 lb/ft³ (16.0 kg/m³) unless otherwise specified.

Installation Tips

  • Use approved clips only to prevent drafts from lifting panels, but allow them to drop freely in case of fire.
  • Avoid painting or coating panels. If painting is necessary, use only water-based or rubber-based paints.
Physical Properties
Units ASTM Results
E84 5-15
Coefficient of thermal expansion
in/(in)(F) D696 0.000035
Maximum exposure temperature

Up to 167
U p to 75
Compressive strength at 10% deflection
psi D1621 10-14
Flexural strength
psi C203 25-30
Water vapor transmission
perm in C344 1.2-3.0
Water absorption (by volume)
% C272 Less than 2.5

*This numerical Flame Spread Rating is not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions.
The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Ask your seller for the fact sheet on R-values.

Tested by Underwriters Laboratories to provide a flame spread rating of 5-15, well below the 25 rating required by most municipalities to qualify an interior finish as acceptable. Suspend-a-Ceil’ drop in panels meet Federal Specification HH-I-524C, Type I. This product conforms to the Uniform Building Code (ICBO); The Basic Building Code (BOCA); The Standard Building Code (SBCCI), and has F.H.A

Product Sizes:

  • Large Panel: 23 ¾” x 47 ¾” x 1″ (thickness)
  • Small Panel: 23 ¾” x 23 ¾” x 1″ (thickness)

Package Options:

We offer two packaging options to suit your needs:

  • Value Pack: This box contains 24 pieces of the small panels (23 ¾” x 23 ¾” x 1″) and covers a total area of 192 square feet.
  • Standard Pack: This box contains 12 pieces of the large panels (23 ¾” x 47 ¾” x 1″) and covers a total area of 96 square feet.

Unit Package Information:

Both package options share the same external dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 24 ½” x 48 ½” x 12 ½” (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 9.0 lbs.