SONEX Acoustic Ceilings

100% FIBER-FREE™ tiles that withstand 100% humidity

SONEX Acoustical CeilingsAll Sonex Acoustic Ceilings are 100% FIBER-FREE™, for some very good reasons, FIBER-FREE™ willtec® provides exceptional sound control and virtually eliminates the risk of contamination in areas where fibers pose a threat. It is fire resistant and safe and simple to install. All of which provides you with peace of mind – today and tomorrow.

In addition, all our tiles are designed to withstand extremely moist, humid conditions. You can rely on them to retain their shape in conditions where lesser tiles warp and sag. Addresses ADA regulations with regard to communications accessibility.

Stylish, elegant Contour™ ceiling tiles help you achieve the special look and feel you are after — and the outstanding sound control you require. The Contour™ line gives you a multitude of options: fifteen distinctive designs available in white, grey, and all Standard and Premium HPC Colors. Whether you choose one design or combine a few, you can expect ceilings as functional as they are beautiful. All Contour acoustic ceiling tiles are 100% FIBER-FREE™ and HPC coated making them easy to clean and stain resistant.

SONEX Acoustical Ceilings

If your design calls for something unique, we can help you create your own signature ceiling. We can reproduce almost any design, graphic or company logo with CNC precision.

SONEX Acoustical Ceilings  Available Size: 24″ x 24″ nom.

SONEX Acoustic Ceilings Statistics

Acoustic Test Information:  Test ASTM C423-90a;  Mounting Type E (16″ air space)

Frequencies (Hz)

Absorption Coefficients

Basix 1 w/1-5/8″ thick inserts Patterns, Basic 2 w/2-3/8″ thick
125 0.50 0.48
250 0.60 0.66
500 0.62 1.06
1K 0.76 1.14
2K 0.79 1.15
4K 0.79 1.11
NRC 0.70 1.00