product: TubeTrap


by Acoustic Sciences

The TubeTrap is the first and foremost corner loaded bass trap in the audio industry. It’s low frequency absorption is determined by the diameter of the TubeTrap, the greater the diameter, the lower the roll-off. Unlike any other product available on the market today, Acoustic Sciences has engineered your sound experience to absolute perfection. The result of hundreds of hours of research and development, testing, and decades of realworld use, many have tried to copy our product, yet none have succeeded. When only the best will do, sound connoisseurs choose our TubeTrap. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, one can fine tune almost any listening situation regardless of size or complexity.

When low frequency sound is injected into a room, the waves reflect back and forth. At certain frequencies, the reflection patterns begin to overlap and lock into a synchronized condition with each other to produce standing waves. Whenever this pattern overlaps the speakers we get “room boom”, an overpowering emphasis by the room/ speaker arrangement to play only a few, very strong bass notes. Nothing can actually get rid of room modes, short of removing the room entirely. But adding bass traps will even out the bass response and improve transient attacks and decay. Although every mode has a unique pattern of pressure zones distributed throughout the room, all modes have pressure zones in the tri-corners. ASC is the pioneer of corner loaded bass traps, and the Tube Trap remains the unsurpassed upgrade for all high performance audio acoustic systems.

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Full Rounds
9″ Tube Trap Call
11″ Tube Trap Call
13″ Tube Trap Call
16″ Tube Trap Call
20″ Tube Trap Call
24″ Tube Trap Call
11″ Super Tube Trap Call
13″ Super Tube Trap Call
16″ Super Tube Trap Call
20″ Super Tube Trap Call
24″ Super Tube Trap Call