product: SoundColumn Acoustic Bass Trap

SoundColumn Acoustic Bass Trap

Fine-Tune Your Sound with the Adjustable SoundColumn Bass Trap.

Target low-frequency rumble and create a cleaner soundscape with the SoundColumn Acoustic Bass Trap. This innovative trap is designed to fit snugly over a standard tripod microphone stand (not included), or they can just sit on the floor and be stacked if needed offering several advantages:

Precise Bass Control: Effectively absorbs low-frequency sound waves, ideal for reducing boomy bass and achieving a more balanced acoustic environment.
Corner Placement: Works best positioned in room corners, leveraging the natural build-up of low frequencies in those areas.
Adjustable for Your Space: The unique design allows you to raise or lower the height of the stand, depending on your needs. This flexibility ensures optimal sound absorption in rooms with varying ceiling heights.

The SoundColumn Acoustic Bass Trap is ideal for:

Recording Studios: Eliminate unwanted bass buildup and achieve clearer recordings.
Home Theaters: Experience richer, more immersive sound with controlled low frequencies.
Live Performance Venues: Enhance sound quality and reduce stage noise bleed.

Invest in superior sound control and create the perfect acoustic environment.

Order your SoundColumn Acoustic Bass Trap today!

Available Colors:

Charcoal Polyurethane Foam: Offers a sleek and professional look.

White Melamine Foam: Provides a clean and modern aesthetic.

Light Grey Melamine Foam: Creates a neutral and versatile visual.

Choose Your Ideal Size:

Our 10″ round bass traps are available in two heights to accommodate your specific needs:

  • 24″ Height: Perfect for smaller spaces or targeting specific areas of sound reflection.
  • 48″ Height: Ideal for larger rooms or for maximizing low-frequency absorption.

All traps are 10″ thick for optimal sound dampening.