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VIB-X Pads

Silence the Noise with VIB-X Pads

VIB-X Pads are your one-stop solution for eliminating unwanted noise and vibration. These innovative elastomer sheets, featuring a unique cross-ribbed design, effectively isolate:

Vibration: Stops equipment vibrations from shaking your entire structure.
Shock: Absorbs impact noise from machinery and tools.
Noise: Reduces structure-borne noise traveling through walls, floors, and ceilings.

How VIB-X Pads Work

The secret lies in the pad’s construction. The cross-ribbed pattern acts like a mini shock absorber, efficiently dampening energy and preventing slipping.

Easy to Use and Install

VIB-X Pads come in standard sizes (18″ and 24″) and can be easily cut with a knife or shears to fit your specific needs. Simply place the pad under equipment or between noisy components for immediate noise reduction.

Choose the Right Pad for the Job

VIB-X Pads come in two durometer (hardness) options:

Standard (45 durometer): Ideal for most applications, supporting 50 lbs per square inch.
Heavy Duty (65 durometer): Designed for heavier loads (150 lbs per square inch) on smaller areas.
VIB-X Pads also offer specialized materials like silicone and buna for extreme environments.

Stop Noise in its Tracks with VIB-X Pads!

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VIB-X Pads Prevent “Walking” and More

VIB-X Pads not only absorb vibration but also horizontal motion, preventing most machines from “walking” (shifting their position). This eliminates the need for expensive tie-down or lag bolts in many cases.

When to Skip the Bolts:

If you choose not to bolt down your machine, simply ensure a 1/4-inch pad overhangs the machine’s feet (as shown in Figure 1).

Bolting with Vibration Isolation:

If bolting is necessary, use rubber tubing and VIB-X Washers to prevent vibration from traveling through the bolts (refer to Figure 2 for illustration).

Overhead Installations:

For machines suspended from above (e.g., Figure 3), use VIB-X Washers or Pads with at least 7-gauge steel (thicker for heavier equipment) as the lower mount. The upper pad should be half the size of the lower one.

Wall-Mounted Machines:

When mounting a machine on a wall (like in Figure 4), ensure the VIB-X Pads on both sides of the support are equal in size. If using a 65 durometer pad between the nut and support, its size should be one-third that of the standard 45 durometer pad placed between the support and the wall.

Uneven Weight Distribution:

For machines with uneven weight distribution, size and position the VIB-X Pads according to the weight distribution. You can measure the deflection of each pad to verify proper weight distribution.

Advanced Applications:

For highly specialized applications or to determine the optimal isolation level for your specific setup, refer to the Load Deflection and Isolation Efficiency Graphs (available separately).

VIB-X Washers | Load Deflection |Isolation Efficiency Graphs

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24″ X 24″ X 5/16″ PAD