product: WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam

WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam

Achieve Peace and Quiet in Style with WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam

Struggling with unwanted noise? WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam offers the perfect solution, combining exceptional sound absorption with aesthetic versatility.

WhisperWedge: Your One-Stop Shop for Noise Control

  • Superior Noise Reduction: Effectively control noise in any space, from recording studios to home offices. WhisperWedge products are designed to absorb sound waves, reducing echoes, and creating a quieter, more enjoyable environment.
  • Looks as Good as it Sounds: WhisperWedge acoustic foam comes in a variety of styles and colors to complement any décor. You can achieve superior sound control without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Two Trusted Materials: Choose from WhisperWedge products made from high-quality urethane foams, offering excellent sound absorption properties, or WhisperWedge-1, a Class-1 melamine foam option (see specifications for details on each material).

WhisperWedge AcousticFoam is the ideal solution for:

  • Recording studios and home studios
  • Home theaters and media rooms
  • Offices and workspaces
  • Classrooms and educational facilities
  • Restaurant
  • s and entertainment venues
  • And much more!

Invest in your peace of mind and create a quieter, more comfortable space. Explore WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam today!

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WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam: Choose the Perfect Solution for Your Noise Control Needs

WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam offers exceptional sound absorption in a variety of styles and colors to seamlessly integrate with your décor. Choose from two trusted materials:

WhisperWedge: Made from high-quality urethane foams, WhisperWedge delivers excellent sound absorption properties.

WhisperWedge-1: This Class-1 melamine foam option provides another effective solution for noise control (see specifications for details).

Available Colors:

  • WhisperWedge: Charcoal
  • WhisperWedge-1: White (Natural), Light Grey (Natural) / Light Charcoal (Natural)

Sizes and Pricing (24″ x 24″ tiles):

Product Code Thickness Coverage (sq. ft.) Sheets
WW-2 (WhisperWedge) 2″ 72 12
WW-3 (WhisperWedge) 3″ 48 8
WW-4 (WhisperWedge) 4″ 32 6
WW-2M (WhisperWedge-1) 2″ 72 18
WW-3M (WhisperWedge-1) 3″ 48 12
WW-4M (WhisperWedge-1) 4″ 32 8

Additional Information:

  • Individual sheets can be purchased in pairs only (contact us for details).
  • For WhisperWedge-1 pricing and additional product specifications, please contact us.

Create a quieter, more enjoyable space with WhisperWedge Acoustic Foam.