SONEX Acoustic Foams

SONEX classic™

SONEXclassicSONEX classic is recognized worldwide for superior performance in noise control and acoustical treatment. The unique SONEXclassic pattern increases effective surface area by as much as 400% over other acoustic materials; sound energy is directed deep into the material where it is quietly converted to kinetic energy. Use SONEXclassic for unparalleled performance.

SONEXclassic is Fiber-free and available in Class 1 willtec®  SONEXclassic is available in various thicknesses and sheet sizes. See pricing below

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SONEX one™

SONEXoneSONEXone is the most popular SONEX product because it is suitable for a wide variety of applications and environments. From industrial to architectural spaces, SONEXone is an effective and attractive noise control solution. The sculpted surface deflects and disperses sound waves, allowing the opencell willtec® to convert sound energy into quiet, kinetic energy.
SONEXone is Fiber-free and available in Class 1 willtec®  SONEXone panels measure 24″ x 48″ and are available in 2″ and 3″ thicknesses. A protective HPC® coating is available for added surface protection and durability. HPC repels oils, acids, and other solvents for easier cleaning. See pricing below

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SONEX super™

SONEXsuperSONEXsuper provides low to high frequency sound absorption for applications such as test cells and anechoic chambers. The dramatic wedge shape greatly increases surface area for exceptional acoustical performance. Wedges install seamlessly for a continuos panel look. SONEXsuper is Fiber-free and available in Class 1 willtec®  See pricing below

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SONEX mini

SONEXminiSONEXmini is designed for use in tight spots where treatment with thicker materials is not possible. It comes in a variety of colors and two thicknesses in sheets 24″ x 48″. SONEXmini is Fiber-free and available in Class 1 willtec® See pricing below

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SONEX valueline™

SONEXvaluelineSONEXvalueline is affordable yet effective acoustic control. Their unique surface pattern absorbs sound and maintains the FIBER-FREE, Class 1 standards for application in virtually any environment where cost-effective acoustic control is required. Available in 2′ x 4′ panels in thicknesses of 1-1/2″, 1-7/8″, and 2-1/2″. See pricing below

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