SONEX AcouSTIC™ Foam Adhesive

SONEX AcouSTIC™ Foam Adhesive has been specially formulated to use with SONEX acoustical panels. This non-toxic adhesive makes installation hassle-free and provides a strong, permanent bond, with professional results, when adhering SONEX Panels to walls or ceilings.

Easy to use
SONEX AcouSTIC™ Foam Adhesive ensures professional, no-sag installation of foam panels to any vertical or horizontal surface. Simply apply the adhesive to the back of the foam with applicator gun and press into place.

SONEX AcouSTIC™ Foam Adhesive Installation StepsGlue lines

  1. Make sure both the panels and the surface to which the panels are being applied are dust and dirt-free. If adhering to a metal surface, use a de-greaser.
  2. Cut end of adhesive tube to produce a 1/4″ bead.
  3. First apply a 1/4″ line of adhesive around the perimeter of the panel approximately 1″ from the edge. If the adhesive is applied too close to the edge, some will squeeze out when panels are pressed into place. If the adhesive is more than 1″ from the edge, the panels may not bond well to the surface.
  4. Next, apply a 1/4″ bead of adhesive from opposite corners through the center of the panel, creating an “X” (See drawing to the right. Dotted line represents adhesive).
  5. Press panel into place and hold for five seconds. Then pull panel away from the surface for one minute to allow adhesive to become tacky.
  6. Press the panel back into position and hold again for five seconds.

Note: Overhead installations may require additional adhesive.