Hushfoam Acoustic Foam

Hushfoam Acoustic Foam Polyurethane Anechoic

Anechoic Wedge - Blue

Anechoic Wedge in blue.

Choose Hushfoam Acoustic Foam Polyurethane Anechoic Wedge Design Panels, Pyramids and Wedges as Your “Easy to Install” Noise Solution. Hushfoam’s Polyurethane Acoustic Foam Panels are used to absorb noise in nearly every setting, from compressor rooms and recording studios, to computer rooms, punch presses, churches and gymnasiums. Panels install easily on walls to handle the toughest noise problems.

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Hushfoam FireFlex

FireFlex Pyramid

FireFlex Pyramid in white.

Choose FireFlex Contour Wedge Design Melamine Panels, Pyramids and Wedges for High-Temperature Applications and More. Hushfoam’s unique, flame-resistant FireFlex Foam is an excellent noise absorber for high-temperature applications or in buildings requiring Class One rated materials. Heat resistant to 482° F and able to withstand constant temperatures up to 320° F, FireFlex is engineered for environments where temperatures are high, sparks or other hot materials may fly, large numbers of people congregate, or high technology is used.

Max Wedges - Charcoal

Max Wedges in charcoal

FireFlex is made of a special, open-cell, lightweight acoustic melamine. This material’s internal structure is a spacious cellular complex of slim, flexible webs that are membrane-free and completely open-celled. The result is that FireFlex materials are low-density and extremely lightweight.

FireFlex is approved as a Class One building material, and is resistant to many chemicals. Natural color white panels can be painted any color. For damp areas and/or easy cleanup, choose FireFlex with a painted protective skin.

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