Cutting Wedge Acoustic Foam

Cutting Wedge Classic

Cutting Wedge ClassicThree goals were established for the Cutting Wedge Acoustic Foam: performance, appearance, and fire rating. The pattern was carefully designed to maximize the acoustical properties of a superior grade Ester foam material. The pattern is cut by a computer controlled dustless saw to maintain perfect tolerance.

The finished products has been tested for performance and flame spread. This ensures the best performance response, fire rating, and finish of any acoustic foam you can buy.

Classic Specifications
125 250 500 1K 2K 4K NRC
2″ .24 .31 .69 .94 .95 .96 .70
3″ .24 .58 .67 .91 .96 .99 .80
4″ .33 .90 .84 .99 .98 .99 .95
6″ 1.12 .88 1.05 1.06 .70

ASTM E84-95b Flame Spread: 70
Smoke Density: 240

Cutting Wedge 2000

Cutting Wedge 2000Cutting Wedge 2000 is the future of acoustic foam. The product is made of 2 pound density high quality acoustic foam that eliminates many of the inconsistencies of other types of foam. It comes in a standard 2.25″ stackable foam allowing you to add additional layers of foam for increased absorption. You can also add additional layers of foam to rooms that may already have the Cutting Wedge Classic predecessor. This futuristic design allows for increased sound absorption because the sound waves travel through multiple surfaces. Add additional layers of Cutting Wedge 2000® and you will hear even more absorption. No other product on the market today lets you the consumer determine how much foam you need in a room.

2000 Specifications
Thick NRC
2-1/4″ .70