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Since 1992, Silent Source has been your trusted partner for all things acoustics. We offer a comprehensive line of high-performance soundproofing materials at competitive prices. No project is too big or too small – we have the solutions you need!

Industry-Leading Products: From industrial noise reduction to perfecting acoustics in recording studios, editing rooms, auditoriums, churches, workshops, and even your basement, we have the right products for every application.
Discounted Prices: Enjoy exceptional value for your money without compromising on quality.
Experienced Team: Our team is here to assist you in choosing the best soundproofing solutions for your specific needs.

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Here’s why Silent Source acoustic foam is the perfect choice:

Superior Sound Absorption: Enjoy exceptional noise reduction for a quieter, more enjoyable environment.

Silence the Chaos, Create Calm: Acoustic Baffles

Does noise pollution disrupt productivity or communication in your space? Acoustic baffles are the answer! These ingenious ceiling-suspended panels effectively absorb sound and eliminate echoes, creating a more peaceful and focused environment.


Silence the Noise, Wherever It Starts

High-Density Vinyl Barriers: Block unwanted sound transmission through walls and ceilings with our effective vinyl barriers. Made from dense, high-quality material, these barriers significantly reduce noise pollution, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

Hear the Bass You Deserve: Tame the Boom with Bass Traps

Do low-frequency rumbles and muddled sounds plague your listening experience? Bass traps are your secret weapon! These targeted acoustic treatments effectively absorb and eliminate low-end resonance and standing waves, the culprits behind boomy bass and unclear sound.


Unleash Your Design Potential: Explore Our Variety of Acoustic Ceilings

We offer a wide range of acoustic ceiling styles designed to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. From classic panels to modern baffles, you’ll find the perfect solution to enhance the style and sound quality of your space.


Sculpt Your Sound: Acoustic Diffusers for Enhanced Listening

Diffuse sound waves and create a richer, more immersive listening experience with our acoustic diffusers! These innovative panels are designed to scatter sound energy in all directions, eliminating echoes and dead spots for optimal sound clarity and ambience.

Elevate Your Space with Style and Sound Control: Acoustic Wall Fabrics

Transform your walls into stunning sound absorbers with our high-performance acoustic wall fabrics. Available by the bolt or linear yard for ultimate design flexibility, these fabrics are crafted from premium woven polyester and boast beautiful ribbed textures.

Hush in Style: Acoustic Fabrics for the Design-Conscious

Silence meets style. Our acoustic wall fabrics are the perfect solution for noise control without sacrificing aesthetics.

Unleash Acoustic Flexibility: Gobos – Your Adaptable Studio Solution

Gobo panels are the secret weapon for studios of all sizes! Their versatility allows them to adapt and evolve alongside your ever-changing studio needs.

isolation enclosures

Silence on Demand: Portable Acoustic Enclosures

Control sound anywhere with our portable acoustic enclosures! These self-contained booths offer exceptional sound isolation and are perfect for a wide range of applications.

isolation hangers

Silence Starts Here: Custom Acoustic Isolation Hangers Made in the USA

Reduce noise transmission and achieve superior vibration control with our custom-manufactured acoustic isolation hangers, proudly made in the USA.